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Decade Launches new Product Zcan Scanner mouse to the customers

News and Update

Zcan Wireless allows you to scan anything and in any size. Whether a receipt, a cash coupon, a photo, or nutritional information printed in a foreign language! Scanned information becomes searchable, meaning you can get rid of those paper versions and box files with backup copies. Zcan Wireless is the perfect wireless productivity tool designed to reduce your workload and improve efficiency.

Easy Installation

Zcan mouse is easy to handle we just have to plug in the mouse and run the installer from the cd and our mouse is up and working. We never have to look back for the cd again on the Operating System.

Scan Everything and Anything

Why should we waste our precious time in typing when Zcan mouse can directly scan it from hard copy to your computer. Tables, Text, Pictures no Problem! Zcan mouse can just scan everything in a blink of an eye. Let the technology do all the work for you.

Scan and Edit

Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Ut porta arcu arcu, ut euismod augue mollis molestie. Donec metus urna, dictum ut dictum in, luctus nec turpis. Zcan mouse allows us to just get anything from magazine, newspaper, books etc. So we can just scan what we want and edit it in word, exel, photoshop according to our requirement. This normal looking mouse saves a lot of our time from the tidious jobs in our work so we can save our energy for creative works instead.

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