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Zcan Plus Mouse

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Zcan Plus Mouse

Make your work easy and fast.

Zcan Wireless is a 2-in-1 productivity tool. Just by few swipes, users can scan texts, tables or even images; and edit them right away in Microsoft Word, Excel or other applications. Users can also share their scanned images instantly on Facebook, Twitter and other add-on applications. With Zcan Wireless, users are no longer bounded by electric wires and can scan whatever and wherever they like, boosting efficiency of their work. No matter you want to scan a receipt, recipe, kids hand drawing, tax report, financial statement etc, you can always scan with Zcan Wireless. Scanning becomes more convenient than ever! The advantage of Zcan is its small size and ease of use. It operates at 2.4GHz when being used as a mouse and uses Wi-Fi to transmit the scanned document. It works on the Li-Ion battery. 

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