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Alinco Handheld Speaker Microphones & Headsets EME-12A

Alinco Handheld Speaker Microphones and Headsets are a perfect match Alinco transceivers and provide great transmit and receive sound. These speaker microphones have a variety of features to enhance your radio operations.

VOX headset with S-standard plug (2.5 / 3.5mm double jack) for Alinco handheld radios The EME-12A provides a VOX / PTT switch and knob for the microphone gain (MIC Gain) In contrast to the similar model EME-13A offers the EME-12A a large padded earphones. 

For the ALINCO handheld radios DJ-V17E / DJ-V47E / DJ V446E the adapter EDS-10 is additionally required (option). For the ALINCO handheld radio DJ G7E addition, the adapter EDS-14 . required (option)

Hygiene products (non-returnable)

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