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Bluetooth headset with earpiece and microphone (comes with PTT switch). The VS-3 Bluetooth headset enables you to hands-free operation with a Bluetooth unit installed transceiver or an Android device (third party).

Icom VS–3 Bluetooth Headset allows hands–free operation with a Bluetooth enabled transceiver* or an Android device. Equipped with earbuds, earbud pads, a microphone with push–to–talk function (PTT) and a USB cable for charging.

*Bluetooth equipt handheld radio is required for operation of the headset.

ICOM VS-3 Bluetooth® Headsets may be used for hands-free communication and remote control of ICOM's Bluetooth fetures device or third part VHF/UHF Digital Transceiver. It provides you with convenient communications while operating your vehicle.

In many areas, the only legal way to operate communications equipment while driving is via a headset. VS-3 headsets not only carry TX/RX audio; they also have three programmable function buttons and a PTT switch.

To use the optional VS-3 headset, ICOM's optional UT-133 Bluetooth® adapter must be installed in the radio. Their VS-3 and UT-133 are not included with the ID-5100As.

Be comfortable and safe while driving! Order ICOM VS-3 Bluetooth® Headsets from Decade International... today!