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Alinco AC Adapter A10/40E EDC-191E

ALINCO EDC-191E AC adapter for EDC 189 Charger Plug-in power supply for the charging cradle ALINCO EDC-189 Accessories for Alinco DJ-A series / DJ-100 / DJ-500 Weight: 0.08 kg

Alinco Handheld Radio Accessories allow you to add the products you want to make your handheld radio more functional and personalized. Choose from battery packs, carrying cases, drop-in chargers and more.

All of the accessories you want are available for your handheld radio. Whether a transceiver or general coverage receiver; VHF, UHF, dual or tri-band HT, Alinco's full line of accessories allow you to make your radio more handy and convenient to use.

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