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Trusted Distributor and System Integrator since 2006. Since we are not just only doing business, we are building nation.

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Decade International Private Limited (DIPL) is a diversified IT System Integrator involved in the representation, distribution, integration, manufacturing, installation, repair, and service with strong legacy and over 15 years’ experience in the domain

DIPL offers a broad range of services as a single window turnkey solution to complement its business using variety of sources. These services include: Consultation, Design, Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing, Inspection, Quality Control, Installation, Repair, Maintenance, Overhaul, Start-Up, Commissioning, Training, Warranty and After-sales Spare Parts and Service Agreements. 

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Our strength is our experience, reputation, integrity, flexibility


Ability to translate complex technology to local environment


Offer Strong, off-the-shelf products and solutions based on standard technology


Professional managed, realistic systems, standardised processes


Technical support very highly rated by our customers for Overall Experience


accredited the new ISO 9001:2015 standard following and intensive audit by URS

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What is Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT)? - Explanation and 5 Business Benefits

With billions of devices to come online in the near future, we'll need wireless networks that can support them. Is Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) the solution? According to a study by Transforma Insights, 7.6 billion IoT devices were active ...


Decade International Pvt Ltd is now authorized distributor of Qomuniq8

Let's Qomuniq8 * *Unique Features for Unique Performance* About us [1] Contact us [2] It is exciting to announce that Decade International Private Limited is now authorized distributor of  Qomuniq8 and ready to offer  world class qua...

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