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Alinco DJ-AXD4E DMR UHF IP67 Transceiver

Made in Japan DMR Tier I and Tier II, 5W/1W Output radio. VHF 400-470MHz, Digital or Analog Mixed mode, 1000 Channel Capacity, IP67 Rating, 2000mA Li-ion Battery Pack, Heavy Duty construction
  • ALINCO DJ-AXD4 Features
  • DMR Tier I and Tier II 
  • 5W/1W Output
  • VHF 400-470MHz
  • Digital or Analog mode
  • 1000 Channel Capacity
  • 250 Zone Capacity
  • 16CH per Zone
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • IP67 Rating
  • 2000mA Li-ion Battery Pack

Product Description
Alinco's Newest DMR DJ-AXD4 UHF of transceivers are single band heavy duty handheld radios packed with features that make them ideal choice for professional users. High quality design, IP67 construction, outstanding audio clarity and receiver specifications ensure the best possible performance and maximum communication range! 

DJ-AXD1 utilizes industry standard DVSI's AMBE+2 vocoder for its Crystal clear DMR digital audio, which will provide consistent excellent digital audio throughout noisy environment like contraction sites, parks, traffics etc... The DJ-AXD1 has powerful 1 watt of audio output power to insure loud crisp receive audio. 

ALINCO DJ-AXD4 Highlights

High-Capacity Battery: Two-time slot transmission reduces transmit time in half and thus increases talk time longevity. 2000mAh battery supplied in standard package ensures at least 12+ continuous working hours in analog mode and 16 hours in digital mode.

Improved Audio Quality: Digital error-correction technology rejects noise and static, providing consistent audio quality throughout the coverage area and even in challenging low-lying areas.  
Utilizing DVSI's AMBE+2 vocoder further improves speech communication. 1W audio output and a 40mm diameter powerful speaker ensure louder and crisper voice communication.

Higher Channel Capacity: DJ-AXD4 can work with a single repeater to achieve twice the traffic capacity without re-licensing or re-banding, meaning two voice communications or one voice communication and one data transmission can transmit at the same time in one channel.