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ALINCO EME-13A VOX headset

Alinco Handheld Speaker Microphones and Headsets are a perfect match Alinco transceivers and provide great transmit and receive sound. These speaker microphones have a variety of features to enhance your radio operations.

VOX headset with S-standard plug (2.5 / 3.5mm double jack) for Alinco handheld radios The EME-12A provides a VOX / PTT switch and knob for the microphone gain (MIC Gain) In contrast to the similar model EME-13A offers the EME-12A a large padded earphones. 

Product Introduction

Alinco EME-13 is another stylish headset microphone very similar to the EME-12, but with the addition of an in-ear bud on a short flying lead instead of a fixed earphone, this headset will give exceptional transmit audio and receive quality, and is fitted with the popular twin moulded plug that fits most models and can even be used with the newer DJ-V range with the EDS-10/14 * adaptor cable that converts the twin plugs to the new single multi-pole water resistant plug.

Great features like VOX operation, and even has a handy rotary mic gain control. Not to be confused with some of the cheaper headsets we have seen around, these are genuine Alinco accessories and made to last !



  • Alinco EME-13 headset with ear bud

  • Headset with vox and ptt features

  • VOX / PTT function

  • Fitted standard twin moulded jack plugs

  • Rotary Mic gain control

  • Suitable for DJ193/195/493/495/446/596 models

  • Suitable for DJ-V17E/V446 when used with EDS-10/14* adaptor cable

  • Also works well with some Yaesu / Icom / Standard handhelds that have the twin jacks.