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Belfone BF-SFR600 Single Frequency Repeater

BF-SFR600 is our new single frequency repeater solution, which is also able to function as a base station within a system.


  • latest terminal that can be use either as Base Station or Single Frequency Repeater.

  • helps you to extend your radio communication coverage by enabling 2 time slot features to serves as a single frequency DMO repeater.

  • supports both AC and DC power inputs with an auto-switchable power sources between both power input.


BF-SFR600 is our new single frequency repeater solution, which is also able to function as a base station within a system. As a single frequency repeater, BF-SFR600 allocates one timeslot to receive signals and the other to transmit at the same frequency, using DMO mode to extend radio coverage. This repeater supports both AC and DC power inputs. When DC power supply is unplugged, the device automatically turns to an AC power source. The two auto-switchable power sources serve as each other’s backup, thus delivering more flexibility and stability. This is a smart and cost-effective choice for commercial users who need extra coverage.

                                    Special Features 

DMR Mobile/Repeater

BF-SFR600 can be used both as an ordinary mobile radio and a single frequency repeater. It brings more flexibility  and efficiency to your business.

Auto-switch Power Design

High and low power switchable. It chooses high(30W) and low(10W) power output according to the occasion, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

Analog/Digital Back-to-Back Interconnect (optional)

It supports different operating modes of analog and digital to interconnect for voice calls, allowing analog users to communicate with digital users and vice-versa.



Frequency Range

VHF: 136-174MH; UHF: 350-390MHz/ 400-480MHz/ 450-520MHz

Channel Capacity




Channel Spacing

12.5KHz/ 25KHz

Working Voltage 

DC 13.8V (±20%); AC: 110(±15%) or 220V(±15%) optional

Frequency Stability


Antenna Impedance



210(L)* 275(W)* 180(H) mm




Digital Sensitivity

5% BER: 0.25 uV

Analog Sensitivity

0.25 uV (12 dB SINAD)



Adjacent Channel Selectivity


Spurious Suppression


FM Noise


Frequency Response

+1/-3 dB

Audio Power


Audio Distortion

3% (typical)

Conduction Radiation


GPS Precision Horizontal Accuracy

Accuracy≤10m (with good signal)

TIFF (first location) Cold Boot

<1 minute(with good signal)

TIFF (first location) Hot Boot

<10 second (with good signal)

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature




Frequency Range: VHF 136 – 174Mhz, UHF 350 – 390MHz, 400 – 470MHz