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DJ-A11 Transreceiver ALINCO VHF

Just when you thought great audio and tough as nails construction were luxury features available only on the most expensive models, and just when you thought simple, intuitive operation was a thing of the past, along comes the Alinco DJ-A11.


  • 128 channels to program operating parameter via PC utility dealer software.

  • Comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion pack, desktop quick-charger and high-performance whip antenna

  • Ergonomically designed compact body 59.0WX98.0HX35.0Dmm or 2.32W x 3.86H x 1.38D inches (w/o projections, approx.) , weighs approx. 227G or 8.01oz inclusive of battery pack and antenna

Product Introduction

The DJ-A11 VHF handheld transceiver is packs a lot of performance into a MIL-spec rugged polycarbonate body. Designed to resist splash and dust, the DJ-A11 features professional grade specs such as 1W audio output, 2.5ppm frequency stability, capable of operating at 5W with 50 tone-squelch, DCS or DTMF/ANI in 128 programmable-channels best suited for retails, construction, factory, warehouse, in a theme-park, shopping mall, exhibition hall or hotel... where you need reliable communications for business, the DJ-A11 is a cost effective alternative to a mobile/cell phone!


  •  128 Channels programmable via Dealer Software

  • Comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion pack, desktop quick-charger and high-performance whip antenna

  • 2 types of Scan functions (Memory channels/Priority), 50 CTCSS, 116 DCS and 4 Tone-burst tones

  • Radio stun/kill/revive functions to protect your communication security

  • Microphone and speaker ports

  • Includes Internal VOX, Voiceprompt, Remote-Kill/Stun/Waken, Analog scrambling, Voice Compander, Narrow FM, Repeater-reverse, Auto-Power-OFF, Busy-Channel- Lockout, Time-Out-Timer and more at no extra costs!

  • MIL-STD-810G shock/vibration compliant

  • IP54 Dust & Splash-proof compatible

  • FCC/IC



Frequency coverage
F3E(16K0F3E / 11K0F3E )
Programmable channels
128 channels
Frequency stability
Power supply requirement
7.4V DC±20% (negative ground)
Current drain (Approx.)
1400mA TX / 300mA receive at Max audio output / 70 mA squelched
Usable temperature range
—20--- +55°C(-4---131 °F)
Dimensions (Projections not included/approx.)
59.0Wx98.0Hx35.0D mm or 2.32Wx3.86Hx1.38D inches
Antenna length
approx.227g or 8.01oz inclusive of battery pack and antenna


Output power
Approx. 5 / 2 / 0.5W
Modulation system
Variable reactance FM
Spurious emissions
Less than —36dBm
Max. frequency deviation
±5kHz / ±2.5kHz

Receive system
Double conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate frequencies
Sensitivity(12dB SINAD Wide/Narrow)
—12dBM or better,(0.25pV/0.35pV) or better
—6dB : Wide 12kHz /Narrow 10kHz or more  —60dB : Wide 30kHz / Narrow 24kHz or less
Audio output power
1000n1W(10% distortion)