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OBM Engine control Cable 18 FT (EC-033-18)

Engine Control Cables EEC-133-XX (XX is length of cable in feet) are used for Shift and Throttle application. Different designs of Engine Control Cables are used depending on the engine type and installation.

Decade International offers a wide variety of Engine Control Cables for different applications. Engineered out of corrosion resistant materials and components these control cables meet or exceed all industry standards.
Decade International Engine Control Cables are interchangeable with most common SeaStar Solutions®, Morse®, Ultraflex® Engine Control Cables.


Special Edge Conduit : Unique design of Conduit provides structural integrity and a tighter minimum bend radius.
Improved Efficiency: Edge cables provide significantly greater efficiency due to use of low-friction materials and construction.
Minimal Backlash: Edge cables are built allowing optimum gap between inner core and conduit, resulting in significantly minimal backlash.
Less Friction Wiper Seal : The wiper seals are made from a polyurethane impregnated with lifetime lubricant to minimize operating friction.
Cable Bend Radius: Edge Cable has a minimum bend radius of 4 inches. However in use keep the bend radius as large as possible and the degree of bend to a minimum for optimal performance.