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Outboard Engines 60HP 4-stroke (Brand PARSUN F60FEL-T-EFI)

PARSUN Brand 4-stroke Outboard Engines F60FEL-T-EFI(60HP) Forward control and long shaft with 13" Propeller


  • Integral engine monitoring and warning system

  • Several different sensors continuously monitor the engine’s critical functions (Over-Rev Limiter, Over-Heat Warning, Start-in-Gear Protection, Lower Oil Pressure Warning) and automatically reduce the engine power to prevent damage.

  • Multi-point electronic fuel injection with ECM control to deliver the precise fuel / air mixture for optimum combustion and smooth running

Product Introduction

PARSUN T60A outboard is designed and built to withstand the heavy-duty work for long continuous hours all day, and to meet the most demanding boaters who use the outboard motor on fishing and passenger boats. The enhanced strength of roller bearings, crankshaft, piston & piston ring and crankcase, together with a better water cooling system, combines to make PARSUN T60A outboard highly durable and reliable. Having passed the rigid trial tests, PARSUN T60A outboard motor offers unbeatable value for money, outstanding power and fuel economy, and great performance. 


  • The outboard can be set at a tilt angle, preventing it from hitting the bottom when operating in shallow water.

  • Start in gear protection for increased safety.

  • Equipped with the overheat warning & over-rev limiter to avoid the unexpected failure.

  • Extremely durable crankshaft, long life piston/piston ring, sturdy gears and gear case to get the excellent reliability.

  • Drain plug magnetized to collect any metallic particles in the gear oil to keep them from causing damage to the gears.

  • Three cylinders design which stands the endurance test and is proven to be powerful, efficient and reliable.

  • Hydraulic elevator or power trim & tilt device for operation easily.

  • CDI ignition system to provide automatic spark and maximum power for engine.

  • Loop charging fuel intake delivers great fuel economy, and smooth and responsive acceleration.

  • Thermostat controlled water cooling system.

  • Vibration reduction system for smooth performance.

  • Include 24L portable fuel tank with fuel hose, remote control, basic instruments and tool kits.


Engine type
Bore x stroke mm(in.)
Idling engine speed(rpm)
750 ~ 850
Full throttle RPM range
5000 ~ 6000
Max output KW(HP)@ r/min
Fuel induction system
Electric fuel injection
Ignition system
Micro computer
Starting system
Electric (Turn-key)
Alternator output
12V DC / 18amp
Steering system
Tiller handle / remote control*
Gear shift
Gear ratio
Trim and tilt system
Hydraulic elevator / Power trim & tilt*
Shaft length
508mm (20 in.)
Max fuel consumption
20 L/h
Fuel tank capacity
Sump oil capacity
Gear oil capacity
Dry weight