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Icom IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT Radio

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    Icom’s IC-SAT100 allows users around the world to communicate with a group of PTT radios at the push of a button. To do this, the IC-SAT100 utilizes Iridium satellite network covering the earth including both poles providing wide area global communication anywhere on the planet.

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    Product Introduction

    Icom's IC-SAT100M is a PTT satellite radio designed for fixed mount operations. Unlike handheld satellite radios, users with the IC-SAT100M do not need to stay outside for a clear view of the sky for a stable communication connection. This global satellite mobile radio's design easily provides coverage from vehicle to in-building use. The IC-SAT100M is backed by the Iridium satellite network, covering the earth including both poles for a true wide area global communication solution.


    Emergency Functions

    Stay alert and informed with the convenient emergency key function. By holding down the orange key on the top of the radio, an emergency call will be sent to other preprogrammed radios. Users can also use the priority interrupt function to relay important messages.


    With an IP67 rating that means this radio is waterproof up to 1m depth of water for 30 minutes and dustproof. With the AquaQuake™ function, stay assured that the radio stays internally dry. When using the AquaQuake™ function, the radio vibrates and pushes the water out of the grill of the speaker.

    Secure Communication

    Communicate confidently with short data messaging or PTT on the secure AES 256-bit encryption key.

    In Building or Vehicle Use

    With the optional AH-40 antenna, the IC-SAT100 can be used inside vehicles. With the Bluetooth® capability, operate hands free while driving. To keep it mounted and powered the BC-247 docking station is required.

    Interoperable Display

    The speaker mic boasts a similar display and button layout as the IC-SAT100M. Switch between both the handheld and mobile units with ease. The speaker mic display offers a multi-language function as well.


    Conventional Radios and IP Phones Interconnection

    With a VE-PG4 RoIP gateway, the IC-SAT100 can interconnect with an IP phone, IP, LTE, IDAS digital and analog transceivers.

    Wide Area Global Communications

    The Iridium satellite network covers the entire earth, including both poles, and can provide wide area global communications anywhere on the planet.

    One-to-Many Communications

    Unlike satellite phones, IC-SAT100 users can immediately start talking to all the radios in the same talkgroup, with just a push of the transmit (PTT) button.

    Real-Time, Low-Latency Communication

    Using 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Iridium satellites, the IC-SAT100 provides low-latency communication, and broader, more reliable network coverage, compared to Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit (GEO) satellites.

    Built-in Emergency Key

    The orange key on the top panel can be used for emergency situations. You can transmit an emergency call to preprogrammed users with holding down the key.

     Waterproof, Dust-tight and Durable Body

    The IC-SAT100 provides IP67 waterproofing (1 m depth of water for 30 minutes) and dust-tight protection, making it ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments. The radio also meets MIL-STD 810G specifications. The operating temperature range is from –30°C to +60°C (–22 °F to 140 °F).

    In-Vehicle or In-Building Use

    With the AH-40 optional antenna, you can use the IC-SAT100 in the vehicle (by attaching it to the roof) or building (by placing outside a window). The IC-SAT100 has Bluetooth® capability, and allows hands-free operation while driving.


    Dimensions57.8 × 135 × 32.8 mm, 2.3 × 5.3 × 1.3 in
    Weight (approximate)360g, 12.7 oz (with BP-300 and antenna)
    Display (W × H, approximate)33 × 27 mm, 1.3 × 1.1 in (viewing area)
    Operational temperature range–30°C to +60°C, –22 °F to 140 °F
    Audio output powerInternal speaker1500 mW typical (At 5% distortion into an 8 Ω load)
    External speaker1000 mW typical (At 5% distortion into an 8 Ω load)
    Battery life (Approximate)14.5 hours (TX : RX : standby = 5 : 5 : 90)
    Talkgroup15 groups (Maximum)
    Antenna connectorSMA