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SCADA System & Solutions

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SCADA System & Solutions

One network for voice and SCADA Which gives the possibility to control from anywhere, anytime.

Traditionally, voice and data communications have been delivered over separate networks. Network managers have accepted this duplication and the associated costs as necessary because of a lack of alternatives and the incremental nature of communication deployments.

The effectiveness of any Distribution Automation solution depends on the reliability of the communications link between devices and the central SCADA system. The intelligence of modern, all digital TDMA-based trunking standards that reliably manage system resources is the key to delivering combined mission critical voice and SCADA networks. At its core, Decade offer Tait GridLink, ICOM AVL, Alinco Dispatch Center relies on the DMR Tier III radio platform Dispatch center to provide an extremely reliable and robust communications link delivering market leading critical voice and packet data communications.