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Solution and industries

Decade International supply robust, rugged, and cost-effective airfield, helipad and obstruction lighting products to commercial, private and military customers.

Airport lighting is the most important part of safe management of the air traffic, which cannot be overstated. The mechanisms through which lighting is controlled and monitored are a key focus for investment among technology developers. The need to make the management of lighting systems quicker, simpler and more reliable means that IT systems are constantly evolving. The pilot must have good knowledge of understanding the signals so that he/she may not face any problem while landing or at the time of take off. Green lights out-lines the runway's edge, red lights mark the ends of runways and indicate obstacles, blue lights run alongside taxiways while runways have white or yellow lights marking their edges. All these lights and markings sets a safety standard for all pilots to follow.

Decade International specializes in all phases of airport lighting.  We have proven that we can work in the most challenging environments as a prime contractor or support a team effort in the construction of a new runway as a key subcontractor and at old airport.  Our goal is to provide a high quality finished product for our customers so that decade international is the first choice for the next airfield lighting project.   Our knowledgeable team and source has the experience to pursue a design-build airfield lighting project if the need arises.  

The following list includes some of what we have installed in airport: Taxiway Edge Lights, Runway Edge Lights, Runway Centerline Lights, Touchdown Zone Lights (TDZ), Threshold Lighting, Airfield Guidance Signs, Runway Distance Remaining Markers, Helipad Lighting, Regulators , Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems (ALCMS), Junction Plazas, Beacons.