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Aluminum & Fiber Glass Boats

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Fiberglass boats are popular because of their hydrodynamic design which provides outstanding maneuverability, soft rides, and stylish looks. Pressed aluminum boats are also popular because they have the ability to be light-weight and plane easier. Plate aluminum boats are highly respected because of their robust structure. Each category has its advantages, but none provide all the benefits together.

The Nepal is archipelagic in land Lock and geographic formation situated below the Himalayan. Nepal also know as White river rafting, We has a unique tropical environment where wind with rapid river wave conditions can shift drastically. We have over 6000 fresh water river having shallow water and rapid speed. Over and above these conditions exists a lack of proper space to move.

Every Decade model is developed with these critical factors in mind. Each model is capable of navigating shallow waters and can easily do a 'beach landing' through their low draft. With foam-filled stringers and flooring, there is peace of mind that you will not sink in the event that you accidentally hit a stone. Furthermore, through a thorough assessment of your need, we will collaborate with you in creating a boat with the right deck layout that would truly serve your intended purpose. 

We DIPL  adopting advanced metal forming technology and new design concepts, DIPL  has revolutionized boating by providing superior control and riding quality with a lightweight, easy planning, and robust hull and quality engine.