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Air Traffic Management (ATM) Systems

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Air traffic management (ATM) is an aviation term encompassing all systems that assist aircraft to depart from an aerodrome, transit airspace, and land at a destination aerodrome, including Air Traffic Services (ATS), Airspace Management (ASM), and Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM).

Every day, thousands of aircraft flying the global skies depend on technology to arrive safely, efficiently and on time. Decade able to provide modernizing airports, airlines and the global Air Traffic Management (ATM) system and will meet the demands of the next generation of air travel–moving millions of people and goods safely through the skies. 


Air Traffic Management (ATM) Systems
Technology solutions that harness the power of voice to create efficient operations and safer communities: Decade International offer voice communications keep people connected for effective aviation and military operations -- and support first responders close to home. No matter what the environment or the operating requirements, our solutions ensure that information can be readily and reliably exchanged in the air and on the ground.


Air Traffic Management (ATM) Systems
Decade International experience in designing and operating large networks is essential for complex organizations to effectively manage diverse operations, locations and risks, today and into the future.